FAQ’s On How To Rent A Private Jet

How do I rent a private jet?

Renting a private jet can seem daunting for someone who has not done it before. There are private jet brokers who can help especially if the information about private by the hour programs and the many start up companies offering private jet taxi services. Here are answers to questions that most people ask about how to rent a private jet.


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1. What does it mean to charter a flight?

Chartering a private flight is different from booking a seat on a scheduled flight because a charter flight involves a passenger hiring an entire plane and not just a seat. A charter flight is different to the new start up companies that are offering fractional ownership or jet cards because you don’t have to sign a long-term contract. It can be a onetime deal. Charter flights vary in length and in the type of aircraft type on offer.



2. How much does it cost to rent a private jet?


In the U.S renting a 2.5-hour flight from the east coast to the west coast can cost around between $8000 and $15000 for a jet with a large cabin. You can pay as much as $150,000 to rent a private jet from New York To Moscow. In Europe the prices are a bit higher. In Europe to rent a private jet for 2,5 hours can cost about £3,000 or $4,600. Asia and in particular China, hiring a private jet can be very expensive. This is because the civil aviation charges flight operators a fee of

$3,000. The price is driven up higher by navigation fees, airport fees, handling costs and other fees that you wouldn’t get in America or Europe.



3. How do I rent a private jet?


It becomes easy to figure out how you can rent a private jet if you thought of the flight operator as an airline and the charter broker as your travel agent who will find you the right service provider at the right price to meet whatever needs you might have. Charter brokers make travelling by rented private jet easy. You can go as high class or as economical as you want or need to. They also, make sure that your chartered jet can provide things like drinks or inflight catering. Some planes offer free Wi-Fi, which might be best suited for business travel while others are designed with an entertaining theme, which works for customers flying for leisure. They can also arrange for helicopter pick-ups to and from the airport but the best part of it, they can book a plane at a moments notice.


You can rent a private jet online these days. A lot of companies have started to use sophisticated technology to get the best quotes for client in minutes and book flights directly on websites.


If you’ve never chartered a private jet, it might be a little intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. It also does not have to be expensive or have the extravagance of champagne or caviar. If you know your way around you can enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous for a couple of thousands.